Edge/Flow: Life Forms

“Life Forms” II

In September, Life Forms traveled to Baltimore to reside at Maryland Art Place (MAP) as part of the Triannual Maryland State Juried Art Show. The space on the fifth floor was filled with light during the day.  I was able to continue developing the installation, adding another yarn backdrop.

“Life Forms” I

For August, 2019, my installation Life Forms (formerly Edge/Flow) found a home at NOMA Gallery in Frederick, MD. This was a much better venue because of the light, the wooden floor and the absolutely perfect space in the window. I enjoy hearing what people see as they view the installation. Some see underwater life, some see DNA or micro-organisms, some see Venus fly traps or sticky seeds, and some see things that you might view out in space. It’s really a fascinating installation!

“Edge/Flow” I

In January of 2019 I was honored to be able to create a “flash installation” at the Glenwood branch of the Howard County (MD) library. I spent one day installing and taking down “Edge/Flow” and talking to people about the installation. It was a very long, tiring day but it was so much fun! The response was extremely positive and the publicity was unexpected. Photos were taken for the library (https://www.flickr.com/photos/hocolibrary/albums/72157677765277928and the Howard County Times (https://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/howard/ph-ho-cf-sperry-sculpture-20190114-pg-photogallery.html#nt=barker&bn=Barker%2006%20-%20In%20Case%20You%20Missed%20It) I think this installation is going to find itself somewhere else soon!