Installations: indoors



In January of 2015 I was honored to be able to create a “flash installation” at the Glenwood branch of the Howard County (MD) library. I spent one day installing and taking down “Edge/Flow” and talking to people about the installation. It was a very long, tiring day but it was so much fun! The response was extremely positive and the publicity was unexpected. Photos were taken for the library¬†(¬†and the Howard County Times ( I think this installation is going to find itself somewhere else soon!

Paper Cast Rocks

While I was playing around with casting paper over rocks, I had the idea to find an interesting public venue in which to install them. The first bunch of photos in this section are from the Eldersburg Branch of the Carroll County Library. I spent a couple of hours talking to people and placing the rocks. It was fun to nestle them amongst the stacks of books. I am grateful to the Library staff for making this possible.The second bunch of photos is from the Horowitz Center at the Howard County Community College (MD.) I picked it because of its contemporary architecture. I requested and received permission to take a day and work on different installations of the rocks in the lower lobby of the building. This placement had the added benefit of being in the direct travel line from the garage to the rest of the campus and many conversations ensued as I was working. It was a really fabulous experience and I am grateful to the staff at the college for letting me play in their building.

School of Visual Arts Bio-Art Residency, Summer, 2015

I was fortunate to attend a Bio-Art residency in NYC in 2015. While Bio-Art is not really my focus, I was able to create several installations during my five weeks there and, in the process, explore a new direction for my artwork. My feelings of claustrophobia brought on by the stark linearity of the buildings in NYC and the sterility of my workspaces led to the following installations.